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Please bring along your basic medical record and existing medication names

Your past medical history is especially important for us to monitor your well being.
Please bring with you any discharge notes, surgical records and doctor's referrals.
Please bring the name of the medications you are taking or the label bags, along with any other useful information, such as exercise referral letter from your own doctor, or exercise test results for your pacemaker.
We will never disclose your information to a third party without your permission. If in doubt, please review our Privacy Policy.


On exercise day make sure you're physically able and your illness has not worsened

You should notify your doctor-in-charge if your physical condition changes or worsened (such as shortness of breath, chest pain, ankle swelling) or suspect having a new symptom.
Please inform our staff for any change in your condition before exercise.


Remember to take your daily medications on day of exercise

Please bring prescribed TNG spray or tablets for angina when required.
If you have asthma, please bring along your bronchodilators.
Please do not stop taking your usual medications on days of exercise unless suggested by your own doctor.


For your own safety, only patients with self care ability or require only minimal assistance can use our fitness equipment

Please wear proper sportswear to our gym. Click here to view

Patients who have had a heart attack should obtain cardiologist sign off before exercising

Our available oxygen concentrators must be prescribed by your doctor-in-charge before use

Diabetics requiring insulin or oral medication should pay attention to meals and medicine time in order to avoid hypoglycemia during exercise. If you are uncertain, please consult your doctor-in-charge

Bring and wear any compression stockings prescribed by the hospitals for edema during exercises

Renal dialysis patients: for peritoneal dialysis it is easier to exercise after the fluid has been drained out; for hemodialysis it is easy to have low blood pressure during dialysis day, thus best to exercise on other days

COME ON! Train yourself with professional medical support!

Our mission is to provide a safe and effective place for patients under various conditions to exercise, which is essential in maintaining health. Often patients are discouraged from physically conditioning themselves because it's not safe without suitable monitoring.
Our team comprises specialist nurses (Respiratory), and registered fitness trainers with medical training. Employees have professional first aid and AED certificates.
The goal is to reactivate and improve the immune system of customers through proper and tended exercises, to combat illnesses and drug side effects, soothe emotions, and further improve physical wellbeing.