Medical class facility

Tailored to your requirements

Our premise is fitted for training with different medical needs, from postpartum,
post heart attacks, cancer patients to sports injury recovery.

Clinical exercise - The target therapy for cancer

Under Medical staff guidance

Structured exercise - The true remedy of illness

Take the first step in a health-giving lifestyle

Our strength is in professional knowledge and our staffs’ expertise. Different age and disease places different demands on exercise requirements.

Cardiovascular training

Pre /Post operative training

Blood pressure / heart rate monitoring

Our medical systems include continuous heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, first aid equipment, oxygen concentrator (prescribed by your doctor), blood glucose monitoring and others.

Weight management

Parkinson's activity training

Cancer and survivor training

  • systemic training for cardiovascular disease
  • Post-op muscles recovery resistance training
  • Caesarean section and postpartum recuperative
  • Special exercise equipments for senior
  • COPD lung function and breathing enhancement
  • Monitoring low blood sugar during exercise for diabetes

COPD training

Post birth recuperative training

Senior exercise safety

We provide quality and diverse assistance supporting different customer needs

We deliver additional services

Supplementary services include wound care.
Outreach exercise monitoring service (2 medical staffs) and other services

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Procedures and instructions

Understand how to use our facilities