First center integrating medical standard monitoring with exercising at gym

Our medical gym was founded by physicians. As many illnesses have certain requirements before a patient can safely exercise, lack of monitoring either results in risk of injury, or puts off people from exercising to maintain health. Our goal is to provide one of a kind gym center with tailored medical monitoring for safeguarded and effective exercising.

Our Story

Our team of professionals comprises pulmonary nurse specialist, registered physiotherapist, fitness instructor with medical training

Staffs have first aid and emergency life support professional certificates

Our purpose is to allow customers re-engage their immune system through safe and efficient exercising, thereby combat diseases, mitigate drugs' side effects, soothe emotions and further improve body condition.

  • We built from the ground up around medical safety, our staff and equipment allows monitoring and preventing problems during exercise with different diseases.

We are
serving for

  • Patients with illnesses wanting to improve and prevent

  • Exerciser who want to avoid sports injuries

  • Those wanting to strengthen their body before and after surgery
  • Postpartum and Post Caesarean Section strengthening
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Our Networks

Our medical network includes nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, as well as laboratories and specialists referral

We have years of experience providing customers with answers, assisting in referral to different professional services including homecare agencies, support groups and solving other problems caused by diseases.

"Take one small step, one giant leap for your health"
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Some of our professional qualifications


Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Nursing Specialist


Diploma in Critical Care Nursing

Intensive Care Nursing
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There is nothing more satisfying than staying healthy, and It is our job to help. We use state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for physical requirements of different types of illnesses. Together with supervision of our professional medical staff and constant monitoring, we aim to provide a safe and effective place for you to exercise, and is one of the few providing such services in the world. When you come, we will go through your history with you and formulate an appropriate training plan, which we will fine tune as we monitor your body each time you exercise.